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Friday, January 30, 2015

Dumbass Survival Tip: Coach Daddy Approved Winter Weather Safety Equipment!

As many of you may know, here at the Dumbass News World Headquarters Bar & Grill Likker Store & Gift Shop, a few days ago we had a blizzard that dumped about two feet of snow on us. As a matter of fact, I did the very first ever Dumbass Tube video while standing in the middle of the damn thing! The wind chill was twenty-five below zero! Not to worry though, I was wearing my Maine Moose Fur Nut Sack Warmer, so my gazebos made it out still attached just below my Daddy Dangle.

Just outside my front door we went from this:

Before Parking Lot Plowing

To this:

After Parking Lot Plowing

With another 18 inches snow forecast for today and tonight, I am reticent to let my kids go out and play. Just in case they do, Alert Reader and Meskin Dumbass Eli over at Coach Daddy brought this Inclement Winter Weather Safety and Rescue Device to my attention:

I can rest comfortably now when Issy the 12 Year Old and Bailey the 7 Year Old venture into the Great Outdoors.

Muchas Garcias, Eli!



  1. The snow plow driver asked the blonde in the car behind him, "Why are you following me?"

    She said, "My daddy always said to follow a snowplow if I ever got lost in a snow storm."

    The snowplow driver said, "Well, hang with me, and I'll be through with this Walmart parking lot in a few minutes."

    1. Bwahahahahahaha!!!!

      I saw that lady yestreday!


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