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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Nationally Renowned Photog Bob Zeller's "2015 Texas Tweeties Calendar" is Here! Order Today!

Amazing Photo by Bob Zeller

My long-time Very Good Friend, Blogger, Nationally Renowned Photographer and All Around Funky Old Dude Bob Zeller has just released his 2015 Texas Tweeties Calendar!

Bob's photos have appeared in and on the covers of some of the most prestigious magazines in the United States. He has been recognized by his peers as one of the most prolific and extraordinary photographers in the country. And those are just some of the accolades that have been bestowed upon this wonderful man.

A few years ago I wrote a story about Bob on one of my other blogs that describes just what kind of special Human Bean Mr. Zeller is. Go read it here. I'll wait for you.

Now that you know what an exemplary man Bob is, please take the time to order his 2015 Texas Tweeties Calendar! I have one on the way myself and it will be the fourth (?) Texas Tweeties Calendar that I have gotten from Bob. (BTW, my kids,  now 7 & 12, absolutely love the photos that Bob has chosen for each of the calendars I have gotten from him!)

Here's the ordering and contact information you'll need to get your very own  2015 Texas Tweeties Calendar!

Each calendar is $25 and that covers all taxes and shipping costs

Bob Zeller, 4401 White Ash Lane, San Angelo, Texas, 76904-4528.

If you have any further questions, you can click on the link to Texas Tweeties below and leave it in the comment section of one of Bob's posts, or click on the "Contact Me" button in the rigt sidebar of the blog and Bob will get back to you ASAP.

Be sure to read and follow Bob's blog, Texas Tweeties, so you don't miss out on the outstanding photos that this great man shares with us and the world.

You will not be disappointed!

***No I am NOT getting paid to do this. Bob is an outstanding photographer who just happens to be my friend***


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    1. Bob is a great picture taker, Phil. When you get a minute or two, you should go over to his site and check it out. (link above)

      Better a calendar!


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