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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dumbass News "Stop Or I'll Shoot Award" & Body Armor FAIL!

The Pride of Rockwall, Texas, Matt Vaughn, has repeatedly come through with some of the best subject matter in the 4 1/2 year history of Dumbass News.

Matt passed the following video along to me via Facebook last night.

Like Matt, I am a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Unless you are really stoopid.

Like these guys:

I think Matt should be rewarded for his unwavering devotion to the Cause of Dumbassery. He has certainly gone above and beyond the Call of Stoopididity in his steadfast loyalty to this blog.

It is with great pride, and by "great pride" I mean "maybe if I give Matt some bullshit award, the motherfucker will leave me the hell ALONE!"

Just kiddin', Matt.

Kind of.

I can think of nobody more worthy of the 1st Ever Dumbass News Matthew Vaughn Not Yet Memorial "Stop Or I'll Shoot" Award than its namesake Matt Vaughn. Of course I can't think of anybody who reads this blog as worthy of anything other than ridicule and derision. But I digress.

Congratulations, Matt!

Dumbass News Matthew Vaughn Not Yet Memorial "Stop Or I'll Shoot" Award



  1. I can't believe it! I'd like to thank all those folks that helped make this possible... First... Mom and dad. If not for trying to make a stain on the sheets, I wouldn't be here! My wife... Because even she knows what a special dumb ass I am! And last, but certainly not least... Toby. No dumb ass in the history of dumb asses has ever cared less about a sofa kind dumb ass such as Toby! I accept this inaugural award in the name of all great dumb asses! Thank you! (trips and falls walking off stage and breaks award...)

    1. Matt...being a Fearless Leader means acknowledging the Dumbasses who make you what you are. Without you and millions of other Dumbasses I could be a lawyer or some bullshit like that.

      BTW, I can repair that award for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling.



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