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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Reborn: Dumbassery Returns!

Guess what?

I. Am. Back.

Despite the raucous public outcry.


Almost a year ago, I wrote this touching, and by "touching" I mean "projectile puke inducing", post about why I needed a hiatus from blogging. Read it if you want.

During my "vacation", however, I was unwavering in my quest to seek out the World's Best Dumbassery....just to keep my skills sharp, so to speak. I shall now return to regaling the Dumbass Horde with my brilliance and the undeniable stoopididity of the Dumbasses who inhabit this Big Blue Marble.

You lucky bastards.

Personal Note: A lot has changed over the last 11 months.

There is no longer a Mrs. Fearless Leader. After eleven years together, Heather and I were officially divorced on October 1, 2015. We dealt with that shit like grown ups and remain friends to this day, and I don't expect that to change. She's still a pretty good chick and a damn fine Mother. While I desperately miss my youngest children, I have very liberal (not Liberal in a Commie way) visitation rights and can visit them at any time. It could be a lot worse.

I have moved to a small town in Western Maine about 40 miles from the New Hampshire state line. It's a pretty fucking cool place.

I need to get myself into "game shape" so I won't be posting every day, but, hey, a small dose of Dumbassery is better than no Dumbassery at all, ain't it?

Spread the word, Dumbasses!

I'm sure I'll think of some other shit to tell you about, but right now I can't think of it, so I'll stop here.

Let's crank this bitch up and have some fun. Again.



  1. Welcome back Dumbass! Good to see you here again. Sorry to hear about the divorce. Hope all is well in your new place.

    1. Phil...thanks, amigo! All is well here...I appreciate the kind words.

  2. Welcome back, you old goat!

    1. Bones...I am kind of like a fungus, you fuckers can'i get shed of me.

    2. There's a fungus amongus!

    3. Someone told me you were voting for Hillarious Clintoon... I came here to dopeslap that out of you. ;>D

    4. As you well know, I would never entertain that idea,BUT I could probably use a good dopeslap anyway. hahahaha

  3. A Phoenix rises from the ashes.

    Welcome back, my friend.


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