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Friday, March 11, 2016

Drunk Driving, Beer Cans, Fat Chicks and Rib Bones!

You know, Dumbass Horde...sometimes I must kneel before the Throne of the Dumbass Gods and submit to their will. Today is one of those times. The Pride of Rockwall, Texas, Matthew Vaughn sent me this shit. It involves alcohol (go figure), a broke down hoopty, fat chicks and ribs. Fucking classic. Here's an excerpt from "The Daily Cricket". “We spotted the green Hyundai Elantra traveling at approximately five miles-per-hour in the passing lane with a huge shower of sparks coming from the rear of the vehicle. As we got closer we noticed that the rear end of the vehicle was dragging on the ground due to the fact that there were no rear tires or axle on the vehicle,” said Lt. Sullivan of the Canton Police. “After the vehicle pulled over, we approached it and found that the driver was not only drinking a can of beer, but that he was not wearing any pants and that he had urinated on himself.” After not one, but two, brief foot chases, Francis Fasher, 45, of Foxboro, was placed under arrest. “There were also two female passengers in the back seat,” stated Lt. Sullivan. “One of the females was asleep, partially clad. The other was extremely hysterical. At that time, we believed that she might have been under the influence of PCP, due to the fact that she claimed there were mice biting at her and climbing on her.” I heartily urge you to go read this heartwarming story. Click here ---> The Daily Cricket
Caught with Fat Chicks on PCP Dumbasses.


  1. And then we all wonder who keeps voting for Trump. It's loons like these.

    1. Agreed, amigo! As VERY Conservative as I am, Trump ain't my guy. But...I'll hush up. :D


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