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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Dumbass Hunting Photos!

If you have read this blog more than the Average Dumbass, you would know that I am a fisherman. Fish. Fear. Me. However, I am not much of a hunter. Understand that I have nothing against the lawful slaughtering of innocent animals, it's just not my bag (limit). Hell, I am from Texas where everybody and their Grandma hunts. No problemo. It's just that I wasn't brought up around hunting. Fishing? Hell yes. Hunting? Nope. That said, if I were to gt hungry enough I would kill your puppy and grill him to a very nice medium rare if needed. Hunger is a power motivator. Luckily for me, and your puppy, I have never been that hungry. Or that drunk. Yet. I recently asked some Dumbass News readers to send me in some of their favorite and most compelling hunting photos. (OK...I really didn't ask anybody for shit, I found them on the Triple W, but roll with me here). This is what I got.
This an Upscale Redneck "Safari". Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted.
This type of weapon indicates a man with a small penis. Or perhaps he is hunting very big deer. You decide.
When the shoe is on the other foot.
Sometimes the obvious ain't so obvious.
Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug. This guy is the bug. I hope you have enjoyed these wonderful hunting photos from the Dumbass Horde. They have certainly been inspirational for me. These pictures also make me glad that I am a fisherman and not a hunter. Unless I get real hungry. And your puppy is within range. Dumbasses. P S...this blogging platform has changed and it really sucks for air. Sorry for the disjointed view of things. I'll work on this shit and hopefully make it better. Thanks.

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  1. I am against hunting poor animals. I’m glad that you’re not a hunter I don’t think anybody should be. Anyway hope these pictures awaken some sense in cruel people.


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