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Thursday, July 27, 2017

A New Mrs. Fearless Leader !!!! Another Trip Down the Aisle

There's an Old Saying, and you know how fond I am of Old Sayings, that goes something like this: "The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results". I am Living Proof of such Dumbassery. Especially regarding the Sacrament of Marriage. I just ain't worth a shit at it. So what do I do? I asked a broad I have known for over 20 years to become the Newest Mrs. Fearless Leader. Sadly for her said said "Yes". Fortunately for me, she's is Eye-Talian and makes a Bad Ass Lasagna. I could be a Rather Chubby Fearless Leader in the matter of a few months. So be it. Burp! This is how I put it my Facebook page yesterday: "BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I have some beans to spill. Last night I got down on bended knee and asked Doreen Bob to be my next ex-wife. She accepted. I just hope she doesn't know that Maine is an alimony state. That said, I speak fairly fluent Spanish, so Costa Rica ain't out of the question. Mazal tov to me !!! <---And I ain't even Jewish." One of the comments I received on this Facebook post came from an Anonymous Canada-ite Lady. It went something like this: "Your next ex-wife...what woman could turn THAT down?" To which I reply: "None with any common sense". But I am a bit Romantic that way. I am the King of My Castle! The Ruler of My Domain! The Head Honcho! I am your (and her) Fearless Leader! Until of course she says "you ain't gettin' any "groceries" tonight if you don't straighten your shit out! But I did make some Bad Ass Lasagna, dear." What's a Fearless Leader to do? Those Special Saturday Nights Involving Bad Ass Lasagna, Baby Oil, Panty Hose and Tequila don't come around as often as they used to for a man my age. I'll think about it. Maybe. Or just pay the damn alimony. I'm responsible (and stoopid) like that. "The definition of insanity..." <----This is why I am a Fearless Leader. Lasagna, anyone? The Soon-to-Be-New Mrs. Fearless Leader:
P S Blogger has changed a lot since I haven't posted in a while, so I am still figuring some formatting problems out. Deal with it. Dumbasses.


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