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Saturday, August 19, 2017

A thank you to an old friend...

As a ex-patriot Texan(I live in south Louisiana), I would like to say thank you, my, north of the Manson/Nixon line(Mason/Dixon, for you Yankees) friend for inviting me to weigh in with my, Dumbass opinion....
Toby (or Cecil, as we knew him in our salad, high school days)...I hope I can come up with some insight into what has put this country on the downward spiral it seems to be in since the onset of Obama world Liberalism...I hope a conservative minded leader, of any kind, can put us back in a position of world leadership. Since we have become nothing more than a third world welfare state under that idiot Obama.....
Thanks, again for the invite.

The Old Cowboy Coonass.....ayeeeeee!

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